Life is Story. What’s Yours?

In the age of email, Twitter, Facebook and text messaging, our stories are often told in micro bits that do not translate into a whole. Who are we? What is our story? And who will know our story, if we do not write them down?

Excogitate is the brainchild of Kelly Weathers, writer, storyteller and book coach. This interactive, creative and hands-on workshop is custom tailored to each individual, group or business. Whether it is web copy, technical writing, press releases, general business copywriting, memoir, short story or poetry, the Excogitate workshop will provide the framework for getting your story on paper.

Kelly Weathers takes the writer on a creative expedition. Workshop participants will chart their course and collect information. Participants will play, research and create to refine and explore collaborative methods that reveal the core message.

Life is Story. Share Yours.

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One thought fills immensity. - William Blake

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